Thank You’s for Days 4 and 5!

Fundraiser update! (daily story to come later, even if it’s short and sweet)

For those of you just tuning in, I am raising money for the beautiful arts organization, Zara Aina.  I will turn 30 on October 27th, and hope to raise $900 ($30 for $30 days).  And we are on track!!

Here are two more huge thank you’s to two generous donors:

Uncle Jules!!

Jules and his family came into our lives a short three years ago, when we located a lost side of the family using online ancestry sites.  How wonderful is that?  We had a whole other tribe of Bosch’s right in the next town for decades!

Here is one of my favorite photos of Jules and my dad, the first time they met in person.  Great minds think alike!


Jared Stanton!

I have now known Jared for 13 years.  Yikes!  He has remained a friend through thick and thin, and I am so thankful that he contributed!!

Here is a picture of us–at what, 17 years old?–attempting, and I mean attempting, to ride a tandem bicycle.  Let’s just say I don’t have an excellent center of balance and never tried it again.



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