Omelette of Inspiration

It’s incredible how long I’ve managed to put off writing a blog post.  It has gotten to the point where I refer to this as “that blog I used to write.”  Not good.  And though I’ve had many ideas for a post, I think about the topic until the cows come home until I’m not interested in writing it anymore.  The idea becomes “too big” to write about and I sit here getting distracted by Pinterest wedding suggestions or the lofty idea that I should turn the idea into a book instead.  This has created my infamous writing file folder which would be better off labeled “Ten pages about random crap.”  I feel this mindset has creeped into a lot of things.

For example:

1.  “Well, they did say they preferred a blond actress, I shouldn’t bother with this EPA.  Mmmm warm  bed.”

2. “I have a cat on my lap, it would be mean to move her and sweep the floor.”

3.  “We don’t need to go buy groceries, cheese and crackers is a completely acceptable dinner.”

4. “I can’t run, it’s December and I could get sick.  And if I roll out my yoga mat, my cat will gnaw on it.  I’m thinking ahead, really.”

No matter how I sugarcoat it, this all goes back to good old-fashioned laziness, and I would like to banish this mindset sooner than later.  Luckily it’s almost resolution time, so for now I will continue to write this post with a cat on my lap and finish up on American Horror Story.  But look out, January!!

I will at least break the blogging ice with delicious brunch recipe!  This morning I sat down with a book about a chef, and low and behold, food inspiration struck!

I can’t imagine I’m the first person to make this simple recipe, but I don’t care because it was delicious.  I pretty much took five of my favorite foods, mixed them together, and put them in the oven.  And ta-da!!!  My take on cooking is that you don’t need to be afraid of it.  If it sounds delicious, mix it together and see what happens.

Mexican Hash Brown Omelette Bites


(Makes about 10)

2 shredded uncooked potatoes (I used redskin)

Handful of Mexican cheese blend

Glob of salsa

2 eggs

butter (for lining pans)

Before anything, I chopped up two small redskin potatoes (with the skin on) and threw them in the food processor (you could just hand shred them too).  It’s good to do this first because the potatoes are best after sitting in a strainer drying out.  Put a paper towel on top to take out more moisture.

Then I preheated the oven to 375 and lightly greased a cupcake tin with butter.  I mixed together the handful of shredded cheese, about 3 tablespoons of salsa, and 2 eggs.  I gave a it a sold mix around but nothing crazy.  If you want them fluffier, whisk away!

Then I pressed the shredded potatoes into the bottom of the cupcake tins so that the bottom is thickly lined.  The remainder of the potato mixture can go into the cheese bowl.  This made about 10 but adjust depending on your size preference, it won’t make much of a difference.

I spooned about two tablespoons of the cheese mixture on top of the potatoes in the cupcake tin and threw it in the over.  15-20 minutes is perfect.  They come out cheesy, stable, and delicious.   AND you can walk with them.  So they’re a potential train food if you’re in a rush.

Hooray!  I broke the blog drought!  Hopefully more to come.  Happy Boxing Day everyone!

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