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  • An Afternoon of (Almost) Writing, or How to Make Pumpkin Chili

    At the start of this post, I have one completed article, three new article pitches, and a slow cooker full of pumpkin chili.  What I do not have, my dear friends, is a single additional word of either my book outline or actual book that I set the past four hours aside to work on. […]

  • Maybe There Will Be…Green Beans? Diet Chronicles: Day 2

      Hey team.  I’m in day two of sugar detoxing.  Things are a bit better than last night. I no longer feel like my stomach is trying to eat its other organ buddies and I don’t want to kick the cats as much.  I also went food shopping for some great options and don’t have to […]

  • Elite Daily Veggie Recipe Publication

    Hey there Thursday! Elite Daily has published a veggie recipe I wrote up several weeks ago in honor of Vegetarian month!

  • Fresh Summer Chicken Teriyaki on Warm Maple Zucchini Salad

    This is a fantastic meal to put together if you have time to prep something early on and then only a short amount of notice to heat it up. The prep takes a little bit of time (not all that much) but the cooking itself only takes about 5 minutes. The balance of the cold gazpacho-esque topping is very refreshing and fresh on a hot night, especially next to the spicy chicken and warm zucchini.

  • I was published again! Yahoo!

    Good morning!  It’s been a great week for elephants! This month I have been breaking out of my comfort zone and submitting to websites that I find inspiring.  I recently wrote to the Elephant Journal, and what do you know, they are a very encouraging group of people!  Of course they are, they’re whole site […]

  • Lazy Sunday Recipe: Corn and Summer Veggie Beer Sauté

    This week’s recipe is brought to you by lack of sleep, beer, and the letter B.  For beer!   Photo credit- Cooking when you’re tired and punchy can be tricky.  But you still have to eat.  There are plenty of days when getting in the car and safely reaching the store for any special […]

  • When Life Hands You Rum, Make Cookies

    After many days inside with this cold, I finally made it out for brunch today with my wonderful friend Jonathan.  He’s one of those people that can instantly make you to believe in your career, where you’re going in life, and the power of a $6 mimosa.  As it naturally does, our conversation eventually took […]

  • Never Fear 9-Layer Italian Goodness

    Don’t fear your kitchen, friends!  I know many people who still say that they shy away from cooking recipes that involve anything past opening a Trader Joe’s bag and throwing it in a skillet.  Especially if you’re a creative type, there’s no reason for this.  You don’t have to own a million cookbooks, scour the […]

  • Omelette of Inspiration

    It’s incredible how long I’ve managed to put off writing a blog post.  It has gotten to the point where I refer to this as “that blog I used to write.”  Not good.  And though I’ve had many ideas for a post, I think about the topic until the cows come home until I’m not […]