An Afternoon of (Almost) Writing, or How to Make Pumpkin Chili

At the start of this post, I have one completed article, three new article pitches, and a slow cooker full of pumpkin chili.  What I do not have, my dear friends, is a single additional word of either my book outline or actual book that I set the past four hours aside to work on.  Nope.  Not a word. Instead, my big day of writing went like this:

It’s 11am, and I finish and submit my article to an editor–this my paid “day job” writing.  This particular article addresses meditating during your workday.

Since I now feel like a hypocrite–sitting in pajamas while doing work, NOT having meditated–I sit on down and meditate for about 15 minutes, all the while thinking about how to keep my cat from scratching up the decorative baskets I keep next to my meditation area.

11:30: I clean up all the scraps from the ripped-up baskets, realize the rest of the room is covered in a mountain of fuzz, and continue to clean.  Cleaning is important!

It is now noon.  I should sit and finish my book outline.

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Maybe There Will Be…Green Beans? Diet Chronicles: Day 2

Creative Commons by Sonja Langford

Creative Commons by Sonja Langford


Hey team.  I’m in day two of sugar detoxing.  Things are a bit better than last night. I no longer feel like my stomach is trying to eat its other organ buddies and I don’t want to kick the cats as much.  I also went food shopping for some great options and don’t have to make it through the day on carrots and apples.  Let me back up a bit…

Why the heck am I dieting?

I have always been a little judgmental toward diet-fads, mainly because everyone’s body chemistry is so unique that lumping yourself into a specific food detox doesn’t seem healthy to me.  However, The Whole Life Challenge (and no, they aren’t paying me) is an 8- week challenge/game that several of my friends in the area have been playing on and off for the past year. You sign up, choose a “level” that is right for you, and tally your score each day.  This one appealed to me for several reasons:

  1. It’s well-rounded: In addition to diet, you are also encouraged to record your sleep, water intake, lifestyle habits (such as journaling) and exercise.
  2. There’s no body-shaming.  As well-intentioned as many of the programs out there may be, I can’t get behind a diet change that is motivated by fitting into a socially-imposed body standard.  I’d rather diet to fight the Man, opposed to looking “good” for one.
  3. It’s community-focused: Part of the app is about checking in with your fellow teammates each night.  Would I continue along the path without someone keeping track?  Maybe?  Or I may fall into a corner of the house with a container of peppermint patties and a handle of whiskey by week two.  Didn’t want to take my chances.
  4. And above all: it makes me give up all added sugar.  Judging by the fact that I have a blog titled after the emotional dependency on baked goods, I knew this would be hard for me.  I have always managed to remain relatively slim, but you wouldn’t know it from my diet and exercise habits.  It wasn’t until I started reading about the new research on belly-fat and sugar’s effects on the body that I started to reconsider my dependancy.  So above all, this isn’t about telling other people to change their ways, and no diets should be, but more about testing if I can actually give up something that I’m clearly addicted to in order to change my life-long health.

Sugar Detox…a little bit like the flu

They weren’t kidding friends.  Sugar detox is no joke.  I tried to ease into the sacrifice by slowly cutting it out last week but I usually gave in when it came to all the gluten-related products that I would eventually have to give up on the 16th.  This diet cuts out (among other things) added sugar, dairy, gluten, white potatoes, white rice, and all but one alcoholic drink a week.  A friend of mine on our team purchased a Das Boot for his one drink a week, which is amazing.

Anyway, the first thing I’ve discovered about processed sugar is that it’s in everything.  More specifically, everything I love.  So although yesterday was a struggle, since I didn’t prepare, shopping today was pretty awesome.  Here’s are some pros and cons so far of my sugar break up:


  1. My grocery bill was less.  I didn’t grab the cookies I’m emotionally dependent on or the bags and bags and pasta I default to each evening I don’t feel like cooking a complicated dinner.  Also, no bread or cereal!
  2. I made a killer omelette.  I’ve been discovering combinations of food I would have normally covered up with mad amounts of cheese.  Oh yeah, this diet cuts out cheese.
  3. Since I partially started the sugar detox last week, I’m beginning to feel the benefits I’ve read about, such as craving healthy foods.  Also, things are starting to generally taste better- without covering them in syrup.
  4. I’m saving money all around.  No drinking means that I sit at the bar and have an iced tea.  I just assume bartenders around here think I’m pregnant.


  1. I’m exhausted half the time.  I’m told this will pass in two days.  But sometimes people say things to me and it takes a few more seconds to process anything has been said.  So obviously, I’m super cool to be around.
  2. I kinda want to punch a wall.  I asked my husband yesterday if he ever just felt “dusty.”  He thought I was a little nuts. Generally, I feel antsy and uncomfortable.
  3. I’m always a little hungry.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have basically been eating non-stop since I started this.  I can’t seem to stop, and again, apparently this is normal.  Sugar activates your brain’s reward system, assuring you that everything is okay.  So as each meal goes by without this sweetness to fill the void, my brain things something is wrong.  Great.
  4. Last night, the nausea was no joke.  I’ve read that sugar withdrawal is comparable to some drug withdrawal, though I can assume I’m doing better than that, seeing that I can generally go about my day (even if I want to punch something).  But around 8pm I thought I was actually sick.  I finally calmed it down by eating several beets.  Just beets, like a crazy person.

At the end of the day, I’ve always been a huge supporter of listening to your body.  But if my body is telling me to fall back on chemically engineered foods that are sending me into an unhealthy spiral, then I think it’s a good day to tell my body that it needs to see other people (or in this case, food).

Will keep you posted on my occasionally discoveries or inevitable demise into eating Ben and Jerry’s on the floor of our local CVS.  Either way, it helps me to write and hold myself accountable during this crazy project.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Elite Daily Veggie Recipe Publication

Hey there Thursday!  Elite Daily has published a veggie recipe I wrote up several weeks ago in honor of Vegetarian month!

The stock photo, though very pretty, is not exactly close to the recipe, but I completely understand why the editors chose it.  It’s super tasty looking.  I have included a picture of the original below.  Have a lovely day everyone!

Fire Up This Hearty And Spicy Veggie Beer Sauté For Vegetarian Month

elite daily photo


Original recipe photo (hope to get a better camera soon so I can make these look snazzy!!)


Fresh Summer Chicken Teriyaki on Warm Maple Zucchini Salad

I’ve had a hard time focusing since the terrible news on Saturday night.  I have sat here for the past hour feeling angry at a lot of things- at the dust on the floor, the cats knocking things over, and the relentless heat.  I think I’m just simply angry.  And I’m so confused by how to process this awful event that I’ve decided I have to do something.  Last night, that something was cooking. And this time, it’s writing.

So no, this isn’t my typical recipe post, but I need to do something, and so I will share with you the delicious meal I made last night.

Fresh Summer Chicken Teriyaki on Warm Maple Zucchini salad


This is a fantastic meal to put together if you have time to prep something early on and then only a short amount of notice to heat it up.  The prep takes a little bit of time (not all that much) but the cooking itself only takes about 5 minutes.

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I was published again! Yahoo!

Good morning!  It’s been a great week for elephants!

This month I have been breaking out of my comfort zone and submitting to websites that I find inspiring.  I recently wrote to the Elephant Journal, and what do you know, they are a very encouraging group of people!  Of course they are, they’re whole site exudes positivity.

I am happy to report that my pork tenderloin recipe (if you told me 5 years ago that I would be writing recipes I would call BS), and it was featured last night!

You can find it here!



Why has is also been a great week for elephants?  Why, I bought Elephant Pants of course.  The Elephant Pants Company donates to the African Wildlife Foundation with each purchase.  And also, the pants look like the most comfortable things in the world.  I’ll let you know how they turn out.  Just a note that I am never paid to write about any products or books, I am just a little deliriously tired and excited at the same time.  So, go elephants!


Happy Wednesday everyone!

Lazy Sunday Recipe: Corn and Summer Veggie Beer Sauté

This week’s recipe is brought to you by lack of sleep, beer, and the letter B.  For beer!


Photo credit-

Cooking when you’re tired and punchy can be tricky.  But you still have to eat.  There are plenty of days when getting in the car and safely reaching the store for any special ingredients in just not an option.  So as I said last week, start with what you have.  Or in this case, look at what you have and figure out how the heck it could become meal.

Corn and Summer Veggie Beer Sauté


Servings: 4

Prep/Cook Time: Less than 30 minutes


  • Corn from two fresh ears, kernels cut off before cooking
  • 3-4 plum tomatoes, diced
  • Hefty handful of green beans, chopped
  • Four stalks of celery, halved and chopped
  • 1 zucchini, you guessed it, chopped
  • 1 clove of diced garlic
  • 1/8 can of lager beer- I used Yuengling
  • 1 can of red kidney beans
  • Sriracha to taste
  • One tablespoon honey
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • Salt, pepper, dash of chili powder
  • 1 cup (uncooked) rice of choice
  • 1 secret ingredient (reveled below!)

Alternate Recipe List

  • Corn
  • Beans
  • Whatever veggies you have in the fridge
  • Beer
  • Spicy things

“I just want to fill my mouth with tastes”

After a three hour brunch in our college cafeteria senior year, a wise friend once announced to the group, “I’m no longer hungry, I just want to fill my mouth with tastes.”  Minus the “no longer hungry” part, this is how I approach cooking when I am tired.  I look at things and think, what is my basic human reaction for how I want all these ingredients to come together?  Often, things are pretty delicious when I take this approach.  Other times, I make hot dog lentil soup that sits in the fridge for three weeks.  Sorry, Ben.

As always, start by sautéing garlic in olive oil, it’s a very good place to start.  While you are doing this, chop the tomatoes, occasionally checking that the garlic bits are not turning too brown.  Golden is great, brown is not.  Garlic goes from delicious aromatic pieces of delight to evils burnt bits of coal in seconds, so keep your eye peeled.

Add the tomatoes and toss around.  Grab a bowl and stand each husked corn cob to slice kernels off the ear.  This way, they don’t completely fly around the kitchen.  Add corn to pan.

Chop ends off green beans and chop into small pieces.  The key to a sauté like this, is keeping everything a similar size.  Otherwise, everything will cook at different speeds.  Slice the celery in half longways and chop to similar size pieces as the beans, throw them in the pan.  Do the same thing with the zucchini.


At this point, just add about a tablespoon of sriracha (depending how spicy you like it), along with the honey, salt, pepper, and chili powder.

Toss around and allow to cook uncovered for about as long as it takes to clean up spilling half your beer behind the coffee maker and sugar tins. Let’s say, 5 minutes.  Husking corn is dangerous, friends, use caution.  After this, add the beans.

Here’s where the magic happens.  Add about a two-count of beer, and watch it do that delicious foamy pan-beer thing.  Stir gently, and cover.  Simmer on low for about 10 minutes.


Now is a good time to get your rice going.  Ben and I acquired a rice cooker  three years ago, and therefore never learned how to make rice like regular humans.  It takes almost exactly 15 minutes, a little more time than you need for the deliciousness to simmer.

When you return from NOT almost falling asleep with the cat on the couch, check out your veggies and taste how it’s doing.  Always taste!  It’s fun AND necessary.  If you want it heavier on the chili power, add more!  If it tastes too much like beer, add a tad more honey.  You got this.  If something went terribly wrong and you’re really not sure what it was, there’s always butter.


When in doubt, add an egg

At this point, I was irrationally sad that we didn’t have cheese.  I was tired, and no, we didn’t need cheese in the dish, but it sure would make it perfect.  So I needed to substitute.

Once the mixture is the consistency and spiciness that you like, pour the mixture into a nearby bowl.  Not any bowl, preferably one you’ve set aside for this purpose.

Photo credit:

Inappropriate bowl.

Keep the heat on low so that your pan will continue to heat.  Since it is covered in leftover amazingness, FRY AN EGG ON IT.  Grab the number of eggs for the amount of servings you are preparing and pop them in the hot pan.  I made mine sunny side up, since successful flipping seemed improbable.  If you take this path, put a lid on it.  Wait until it doesn’t look like a raw egg.


Build a pretty plate

Here’s the fun part!  Even if you’re tired, some simple tricks can make you look oh-so-fancy.  Because it’s always more fun to eat fancy looking food.  Grab a small dish of any interesting shape, even if it’s shot glass.  This is kind of like making a small sandcastle, but with rice.  I used a small ramequin, which may I point out, is one of my favorite words.  Scoop the rice into the container and flip over onto the plate (like a sandcastle!)

Scoop veggie/corn/beer mixture onto rice castle and don’t worry if it collapses a bit.  It’s still pretty.

Pick up the egg, and lay it across the whole darn thing, like the picture of the pancake in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.


Last but not least, grab your sriracha and drizzle it over the top of the egg, making it look beautiful and delicious.  Serve, enjoy, and then go get some sleep.


When Life Hands You Rum, Make Cookies

After many days inside with this cold, I finally made it out for brunch today with my wonderful friend Jonathan.  He’s one of those people that can instantly make you to believe in your career, where you’re going in life, and the power of a $6 mimosa.  As it naturally does, our conversation eventually took the turn towards our cycling frustration and confusion of whether we were pursuing our acting careers/living out lives “correctly”.  We happily came to the conclusion that these years are meant to be about figuring out that exact balance, and are right where we needed to be.  Jonathan is off of another great tour and I’m planning a wedding!  Cheers to that! Hooray brunch!


This is Jonathan, he is my favorite.

On my way home, I realized I never stopped for the ingredients I intended to use for cookies that I was going to blog about.  I was bummed that I wouldn’t have a post tonight or…delicious cookies.  BUT WAIT!  I just an existential conversation about doing things our own way, enjoying the journey, and other things crocheted on pillows!  I didn’t need a recipe!  You keep talkin, mimosa!

So I figured with a little guessing and a beer to help me through, I could adjust Giada De Laurentiis’ recipe (here) and make it up for what I DID have in the house.  Maraschino cherries, ricotta cheese, and Mount Gay Rum.

And now for a baking experiment:

Cherry Ricotta Cookies with Rum Glaze


Baking beverage choice: Hoegarden (your hands are messy, so you wine glass would be a hot mess)

Dry Ingredients

2 cups dark brown sugar (brown sugar helps cookies maintain their shape instead of spreading out into hockey pucks.  Science!)

3/4 cup whole wheat flour (any more than 30% and apparently cookies get grainy)

1 3/4 cup all purpose flour

1 tsp salt

1tsp baking powder

Wet Ingredients

1 stick cold butter (Cold is supposed to make it more fluffy and sandy.  This did not work.  Feel free to play around)

2 eggs

1/3 cup juice from maraschino cherries and several mashed up cherries

16 ounces of ricotta cheese (Weird, right?  Cheese in cookies.)


1/4 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup warmed up rum

Get Cookin’

Note: I am not a pastry chef.  I don’t bake often and I stubborn about following recipes.  If you know a decent amount about baking, I apologize.

1. Make sure brown sugar isn’t hard as a rock.  If it is, whack with hammer and then place in microwave, covered with a moist paper towel for 30 seconds.  Make sure nothing lights on fire.

1a. Combine brown sugar with warmed-up rum.  Mix.  Taste, don’t burn your tongue.  Put in fridge.

1b. Preheat oven to 375. Butter up that cookie sheet.  Because, butter!  Why not?

2. Combine flour, sugar, salt, and baking soda.  Don’t feel obligated to use the whole wheat flour.  I just needed to get rid of it.


3. Cut in cold butter.  This is essentially when you take a fork and knife and pretend you’re spastically slicing your steak into lots of little bits.  Do this until it breaks up into little round bits, or until you get frustrated, then just smash it with your hands.


3a.Save draft of blog post so that your computer doesn’t freeze and erase your entire post.  If not, get second beer.

4. Add cheese, eggs, cherry juice, and cherries.  Remove rings (I did not do this, and now I have an heirloom engagement ring made of cheese), and mash with love.  The reason I suggest just using your hands is that you don’t want to over mix dough.  The more you pull it apart, the more you piss off the glutens.  Don’t piss off your glutens.

Mix until it looks like cookie dough.

Mix until it looks like cookie dough.

5.  My batter was pretty sticky and I had to rinse of my hands before putting them on the cookie sheet.

6. Cookies will not spread out that much so they can be relatively close together.  If they merge, you have a monster cookie, and that’s not a real problem.


7. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until they look toasty on top.  I have a convection setting so this was about 14 minutes exactly.  But it will be a bitter longer with a standard oven.

8. Remove and let cool for at least ten minutes and then drizzle a bit of rum glaze on top of each cookie.  You do not need as much as you think.  The rum glaze is basically straight  uncooked rum, so it’s strong.

9. EAT YOUR COOKIES!  You made your art, now eat it with beer.  And remember that even if you don’t have the right things in your fridge right now, you can still make something delicious.

Never Fear 9-Layer Italian Goodness

Don’t fear your kitchen, friends!  I know many people who still say that they shy away from cooking recipes that involve anything past opening a Trader Joe’s bag and throwing it in a skillet.  Especially if you’re a creative type, there’s no reason for this.  You don’t have to own a million cookbooks, scour the internet for hours, or buy fancy schmany ingrediants from Whole Foods.

(This post brought to you by too many days stuck in the house with a cold and our trusty friend, Pinot Grigio)


The wine bottle in Ben shaped!

Ben and I have gotten to the point in this cold/bug where we want to eat everything in sight.  Unfortunately we’re not exactly on the upswing yet, which leaves us inside all day pondering when our immune systems will kick in and what fresh air feels like.  I suddenly had the urge to fill this food void with cooking.  And I highly recommend this tactic for whatever reason you may be feeling “stuck”.  Creating something, especially something that leads to yumminess, can help you feel less crappy about that stubborn acting career any day.

Below is a recipe filled with Parmesan cheese and advice on how not to be scared of preparing food…

A friend once told me that if you like a bunch of ingredients separately, not much can go wrong if you throw them all together in a pot and turn on the heat.  Add wine and a little knowledge of how foods get along, and that’s pretty much where I start.  This was vaguely inspired by some other recipes I sorted through, but in the end, I improvised.  And so can you!


It’s bubbling!! Hooray bubbling!

Never Fear 8-Layer Italian Goodness

(aka Baked Pasta Florentine Casserole with Parmesan Encrusted Chicken).  Apparently things with spinach are called Florentine because Catherine de Medici was really into Spinach and made it popular in Florence.  I hope some day I am named after cheese sauces made with beer.

Note: Using words  like “encrusted” make you feel and sound fancier in the kitchen

I admit this recipe has a lot of steps, but all of the ingredients are easy to come by and have multiple uses so are worth the money.

Encrusted Chicken

2 chicken breasts (preferably ones not full of creepy hormones, but you know, do what you can)

A bunch of Parmesan Cheese (I used the crappy Kraft stuff but if you use nicer cheese, you can use less salt and it will be crispier)

1 Egg white (If you’ve never separated an egg before, watch this video  Or come over some time, we’ll separate some eggs!  Hello wiiiine.)

Salt and pepper (and whatever spices inspire you.  Garlic salt always wins)

Spinach Business:

1- 10 oz package of frozen spinach

16 ounces of Ricotta Cheese

8 ounces of Shredded Mozzarella

1 egg

Salt and Pepper

Pasta Layer

Half a box of pasta of any shape (Except like spaghetti or something, that would get in the way.  Think about how you want the bites to feel.  No way to make that sound less creepy, I tried.)

Glob of pasta sauce you have in a jar in the fridge

Tomato Layer

2 large tomatoes

Olive Oil


Salt/Pepper/Other stuff

White wine (Pinot if you’re drinking it too!)

This recipe is all about timing, and it’s a great way to learn about juggling various things in the kitchen at once.  If the timing gets off, nothing bad happens, so don’t fret.  But the better timed it is, the faster you eat it.

1. Pour Wine

1a. (because I forgot to write this before and renumbering is for suckers) Preheat oven to 350.  If you have a convection setting, don’t use it.  It dries out meat.  Who knew!

1b. (again with the forgetting) Begin boiling water for pasta.  Add some salt.

2. Tomato Layer


Sliced! Fingers intact!

-Get a large sharp knife and slice the tomatoes in medium slices.

-Fill a container with olive oil, oregano, salt, pepper, and whatever your heart desires.  I have this nifty Trader Joe’s grinder that covers everything at once.   I highly recommend it.

-Distribute tomato slices in oil mixture and toss about

-Set aside to marinate (I’ve always said this word incorrectly.  Mer-ih-nate?  Mer-ee-ah-nate?

Note: Don’t refrigerate tomatoes.  They get grainy.

2a. Microwave frozen spinach for 3 minutes.  During the chicken prep, this should finish.  So just toss it in a strainer.

3. Encrusted Chicken

We're in the oven!

We’re in the oven!

-In a small bowl, separate your egg white and place yolk aside for later.

-In another bowl, pour some parm

-dip each piece of chicken in egg first and then roll around in parm.  Place each piece on the bottom of your casserole dish after swishing some olive oil on the bottom.

-You’re gross. Wash your hands.

-Bake for 15 minutes.

3a. At this point your water should be boiling, so throw in the pasta, cook for 7 minutes.  Not longer or it’ll be goo after you bake it.

4. Spinach Business


This picture is sideways. Do I want to go change it? No.

-Give your spinach in the strainer a good squeeze to get the rest of the liquid out.  I’ve studied that if you’re in a good mood when smushing food around, your meal will taste better.  Worth a try?

-Combine spinach, ricotta, a handful of mozzarella, salt and pepper, and that whole egg from before (both the egg white and yolk).  If you have extra ricotta left over, you can make lemon ricotta cookies, which I’m tackling tomorrow.

Mix it up, put it aside.

5.  Chicken is done!  If not, sit back and have some wine.


We’re out of the oven! Okay, the chicken will stop talking now.

-Take it out of the oven and slice into cubes.  If you slice against the grain of the chicken, it will be more tender.  Also, don’t fret if it’s not fully cooked, there’s time later.

Turn oven back on to 375.

6. Pasta is done! If not, you know what to do.

-Strain and add that glob of tomato sauce.  It gives it a little extra moisture.

7. The fun part

-You can really layer this how you like but this is what I did, from bottom to top:

Pasta, chicken, spinach business, thin layer of marinated tomatoes, pasta, chicken, spinach business, rest of tomatoes slices (I poured on the rest of the oil mixture on everything), mozzarella and Parmesan cheese until covered.

-Cover entire casserole dish (I didn’t have tinfoil so I put a cookie sheet on top.)

-Bake for 30 minutes, remove cover, bake for 15 more minutes.

-Casseroles should settle at room temperature for a little bit to congeal so depending on how much wine you’ve had, try to give it 5 minutes.

-Also, turn off the oven and stove.  Drinking and cooking can be sneaky.


And there you go, it’s been an hour and you’ve created something!  And now get to eat your art!  Hell, maybe you even wrote a blog post while it was cooking!

8. Continue to drink wine, wrap cat.


Omelette of Inspiration

It’s incredible how long I’ve managed to put off writing a blog post.  It has gotten to the point where I refer to this as “that blog I used to write.”  Not good.  And though I’ve had many ideas for a post, I think about the topic until the cows come home until I’m not interested in writing it anymore.  The idea becomes “too big” to write about and I sit here getting distracted by Pinterest wedding suggestions or the lofty idea that I should turn the idea into a book instead.  This has created my infamous writing file folder which would be better off labeled “Ten pages about random crap.”  I feel this mindset has creeped into a lot of things.

For example:

1.  “Well, they did say they preferred a blond actress, I shouldn’t bother with this EPA.  Mmmm warm  bed.”

2. “I have a cat on my lap, it would be mean to move her and sweep the floor.”

3.  “We don’t need to go buy groceries, cheese and crackers is a completely acceptable dinner.”

4. “I can’t run, it’s December and I could get sick.  And if I roll out my yoga mat, my cat will gnaw on it.  I’m thinking ahead, really.”

No matter how I sugarcoat it, this all goes back to good old-fashioned laziness, and I would like to banish this mindset sooner than later.  Luckily it’s almost resolution time, so for now I will continue to write this post with a cat on my lap and finish up on American Horror Story.  But look out, January!!

I will at least break the blogging ice with delicious brunch recipe!  This morning I sat down with a book about a chef, and low and behold, food inspiration struck!

I can’t imagine I’m the first person to make this simple recipe, but I don’t care because it was delicious.  I pretty much took five of my favorite foods, mixed them together, and put them in the oven.  And ta-da!!!  My take on cooking is that you don’t need to be afraid of it.  If it sounds delicious, mix it together and see what happens.

Mexican Hash Brown Omelette Bites


(Makes about 10)

2 shredded uncooked potatoes (I used redskin)

Handful of Mexican cheese blend

Glob of salsa

2 eggs

butter (for lining pans)

Before anything, I chopped up two small redskin potatoes (with the skin on) and threw them in the food processor (you could just hand shred them too).  It’s good to do this first because the potatoes are best after sitting in a strainer drying out.  Put a paper towel on top to take out more moisture.

Then I preheated the oven to 375 and lightly greased a cupcake tin with butter.  I mixed together the handful of shredded cheese, about 3 tablespoons of salsa, and 2 eggs.  I gave a it a sold mix around but nothing crazy.  If you want them fluffier, whisk away!

Then I pressed the shredded potatoes into the bottom of the cupcake tins so that the bottom is thickly lined.  The remainder of the potato mixture can go into the cheese bowl.  This made about 10 but adjust depending on your size preference, it won’t make much of a difference.

I spooned about two tablespoons of the cheese mixture on top of the potatoes in the cupcake tin and threw it in the over.  15-20 minutes is perfect.  They come out cheesy, stable, and delicious.   AND you can walk with them.  So they’re a potential train food if you’re in a rush.

Hooray!  I broke the blog drought!  Hopefully more to come.  Happy Boxing Day everyone!