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  • Day 12: Who Owns a Story?

    So after two long, but very nice, days, I was thinking of writing a quick, non-emotional story for the next day of this challenge.  I figured it was a throwaway day–it’s a Saturday night, and maybe no one will be up for reading a blog post.  However, something has been weighing on my mind since […]

  • Versatile Blogger Awards!

    I will take a quick break from my writing challenge this morning to talk about a lovely surprise I received in my mailbox today.  I was nominated by the blogger, Vintage Sapience for the Versatile Blogger Award–thank you so much for reading and recommending me!  Vintage Sapience is a beautiful collection of poems, quotes and inspirational posts following […]

  • To Reach Others, You Must Reach Out

    Almost a year after reaching my 100 follower goal, I just got the notification that I hit 200!  Neato, team!  I love to think that a community has gathered over the past five years to share in my mental wanderings through the ups and downs of pursuing this wacky career. Blogging has taught me something way more […]

  • xoJane Article on Background Acting

    Hello all!!  It’s been a bumpy month for writing.  I feel like my head has been spinning around for weeks.  Nonetheless, back in March I wrote this crazy little piece and it just popped up on xoJane!  Also, if you’re new to this site and would like to read more about my background work experience, […]

  • The 7 Types of Online Commenters

    I reached a nice milestone in my writing career this week–I learned to stop looking at the comments when my articles are published on mainstream websites.  This wasn’t an issue in the beginning.  I only wrote on my personal blog, which I shared with my Facebook circle–a group I feel is full of tactful, educated people.  However, […]

  • The Native Navigator Launch Date: March 23rd!

    Yahoo!!  Remember that time last fall when I decided to start a new website?  I sure do–because ever since then I have learned many a lesson about the trials and tribulations of launching a website. Turns out there’s much more to it than buying a URL and having a super lofty idea about traveling. Nevertheless, […]

  • Why Do We Blog?

    My point is that quite often, blogging in particular is about telling your story in order to invite a community to share your experience. If not, you would just write it all in a journal. Now, things get tricky when the writer hopes or expects a certain reaction, OR, in this recent case, the reader misinterprets the writer’s intentions.

  • Blogher Publication and a Post about Tigers!

    The artists that I know, including myself, get up every day and attend or submit to auditions even though we’re often terrified about never hearing back. We call ourselves actors even though some days we’re afraid that’s not true. We go to our full-time or several part-time jobs even though were scared it’s taking us away from our art. And we get up on stage or put our ideas out into the world even though were nervous they may not be well received.

  • The Financial Diet- Survival Job Publication

    Hello all! Though I took a mini blogging hiatus last week, I’m excited to announce that I had an original article published by The Financial Diet, a marvelous website that simplifies navigating a healthy financial lifestyle. They also published my article several weeks ago, about backwards budgeting.

  • Eyebrow Blogher Publication!

    What a fun evening surprise! My crazy little eyebrow post was featured on Blogher!!