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  • A Time Capsule of Anger

    I try to avoid negativity and anger on my blog.  After all, it’s published online for all to see, possibly forever.  But to be truthful and straightforward–and to recognize the physically and spiritually difficult trip I am leaving for in two weeks–I will respect the crappy feelings as well as the good ones.  So if […]

  • “But that doesn’t make it okay…”

    Just before leaving the house this morning, I flipped open a book by Pema Chodron that I’ve been slowly reading.  I specify slowly because it’s a breakdown of an eighth-century text called The Way of the Bodhisattva by the Buddhist sage Shantideva, and most of it takes some time to process.  I usually have to be in […]

  • When a Community Loses the Biggest Energy in the Room

    When I was a junior in high school, my English teacher asked us to describe the first time we processed the idea of death. As was the case with most of my high school papers, I came up with a much better description of this childhood moment years after writing the paper; still, the assignment has […]

  • Day 30! Thank you!!!!!

    Hi All!!  Even though we’re on our last(ish) day of the fundraiser (I may do an extra something for tomorrow), donations are still coming in!!!! Thank you so much to Fangzhou Zhang for donating to my fundraiser!  Fangzhou is a very sweet and super-inspiring teacher here at MKA.  I am so lucky to have her as […]

  • Day 26 Fundraiser: It Continues!

    Even though we’ve reach our goal, the generosity keeps coming!  The wonderful thing about this whole project is that Crowdrise doesn’t cut you off by a certain date or amount, so we can just keep going and see how far we get! As for two awesome people who pushed me over the $1k mark… Tom […]


    You are all amazing people!!  As of today, we have gone BEYOND the goal to raise $900 for Zara Aina.  And the best part?  There’s still a whole week to see how far we can get.  I am so blown away by this experience, I had no expectations of reaching the total, especially before the […]

  • Day 24: We’re at 99%!!!

    So I don’t normally post this early about the fundraiser, but guys, we are $8 away from the goal!!!!  With a week to go!!!  And here’s the great thing about this fundraiser, there’s no reason we have to stop at $900.  If you need to re-inspire yourself this Thursday morning (especially after the anxiety-causing disaster […]

  • Day 23: Thank you!!

    Hi All!!  I cannot believe we have less than $100 to go!  This is incredible. Today I would like to thank an anonymous donor–an awesome person that has been very supportive to my writing.  And it’s so great that they donated to Zara Aina!  As I have with past anonymous donations, here’s a picture of […]

  • Day 23: The Night I Met Ben

    For the final 30 days of my twenties, I am writing one personal narrative a day that has impacted my life until now.  To read more about my challenge, feel free to check out the first post.   Also, this 30 Day challenge is also to support a wonderful charity, Zara Aina.  Please check out my fundraiser here and if […]

  • Day 21: Big Fundraiser THANK YOUS!

    The past 24 hours have been pretty exciting over in the fundraising world.  I have three sets of people to thank today!!  And we’re at 90%!!! Debi and Ben Goodrich! Ben and Debi are both awesome coworkers of mine, and very generously donated yesterday!!  I am so lucky to have Debi to chat with about […]