Blog Makeover

I came home sick yesterday and it looks like I have another day in bed ahead of me.  As someone who is terrible at just being sick and shutting off, I have found something productive to do that makes me, and my cat nurses, happy.

Viola checking if I'm overexerting myself.  #catnurse #maybeshejustwantsmybagel
Viola checking if I’m overexerting myself. #catnurse #maybeshejustwantsmybagel

Anyway, I gave my blog a makeover!  My hope was to brighten things up, choose a theme with a larger font, and make things look generally cheerier.  Thoughts on color and layout?  I’m working with the free themes on WordPress so there are restrictions, but this one was fun and easy to personalize.  I am very open to feedback about the new look and any of my writing.

A thank you gift to my wonderful readers!

Also, I’d love to take this moment to thank everyone who has continued to read and follow my blog over the past years.  As an artist it’s very easy to get frustrated when you’re not finding as much work as you’d like.  But as Ben reminded me when he started writing, no one needs to hire you to write, you can do it whenever you like!  Having a sweet audience means so much to me.

As a present, I have included my never before seen (online at least) bridal selfies.  On the morning of my wedding, right before we went downstairs for the ceremony, I asked my bridesmaids and photographer if I could have a moment to myself.  I did need a moment to breathe and take it all in,  but then I took two bridal selfies…because I keep it classy.

selfie 1
Look how seriously I’m taking all this.
bridal selfie
Screw that. Yay marriage!

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