Author: ginnybartolone

  • I still exist!

    So in case you were wondering what happened to me and my blog challenge, I’m still here! About a week ago, I hit a brick wall as far as stamina. There were just too many weeks in a row without a real break and I could tell my blog posts were becoming forced and dull. […]

  • How my students made me a writer

    The major character in the play I’m currently writing is named after one of my students.  Every class, amidst the pandemonium, she would sit there with that wise 6 year old Buddha look on her face like she new more than every adult in the school.  The class would be climbing the walls, I would […]

  • The art of being burned out

    Ginny Meter: the final countdown to vacation Days until vacation: 6 Energy: Dwindling but still truckin! Hope for humanity: Damaged today but I have hope for the week. Enthusiasm for teaching crafts: I’ll give it a 6.5. There’s a reason I didn’t write yesterday.  And I am letting myself off the hook a little bit […]

  • House Hunting: Round 1

    It has begun!  Ben and I ventured to Jersey City today and looked at our first apartment.  I have made the vow to be truly honest with myself this year and speak up when something bothers me about the place.  I was expecting a NYC-type broker to show up, one that would hound us with […]

  • Day 5: Delirious

    This is how Christina and I feel after week 1 of camp. Blog post of the night complete. Bam.

  • Day 4: Oh so tired

    After waking up at 6am for camp and then going right to my show, I am beat.  But in an attempt to stick with my blog challenge, I am at least writing something.  So as a quick post, I’m going to plug my show!:) It is the last weekend of my show!  If you’re in […]

  • Day 3: Stop Hating on New Jersey

    About a week after Ben and I moved into our current apartment, we decided to move out.  Of course we had a year lease, so here we are.  That wonderful day is approaching.  We’ve had many lovely times this year, and I will definitely miss the apartment itself.  It was our first and all.  But […]

  • Trials and Tribulations of Being 6

    Day 2 of my blog challenge!  So far so good! Today I finished my second day of teaching camp.  About a year ago, I wrote a post (the one about not having enough arms) about this same job.  I have come full circle this year and done exactly what I hoped.  I transitioned from food […]

  • The 33 Day Blog Challenge!

    I have been neglecting this blog.  And not only that, but I have been neglecting writing of any kind.  It has led to a four week drought of creativity.  I realized a few days ago it was also accompanied by a lack of exercise, going to class, and submitting for anything theatrical.  I know we […]

  • The Secret Life of Background Actors

    This post has been a long time coming.  So be prepared for a lengthy one.  When I moved to New York City almost two years ago, I was pretty clueless about the realities of finding part-time work that didn’t make me insane.  Ten dollars an hour seemed like a dream to serve people cupcakes.  And […]