Author: ginnybartolone

  • Here Comes the Sun Doo Doo Doo Doo

    I started out having a pretty negative week.  On Wednesday, I had one of those “Me against the world” days.  A former job was a week late in paying me, my parent’s insurance company had a “computer glitch” and therefore couldn’t cover me (you read that correctly), another job that pays me in cash wasn’t able […]

  • Epic Fail: Gym Class

    I was riding back on the G train today from Park Slope reading Whole Living magazine, sipping iced coffee and soy milk from a hipster coffee shop, and carrying a bag full of craft supplies for art class next week. We’re making kites and learning about wind, the earth, and enjoying the outdoors. It will […]

  • My Real Resume

    Bit of a dreary day today, and not just because of the weather. I had one of those cursed mornings that started me off of the wrong foot, and then the next ten wrong feet. Sure, that makes sense. In a span of two hours my cat ate my breakfast, my metro card broke, my […]

  • Slow Down Graduates!

    Having the flu (or the mysterious 2012 bug) on and off for three weeks sure can slow you down. After taking another day off on Monday because I had a wave this odd sickness, I ventured out to the pharmacy on foot for a prescription. I figured the exercise might break me out of my […]

  • Follow Up: “Gonna Drink a Beer and Eat a Banana Nut Muffin”

    So I subscribe to this lovely daily email site called The Well Daily.  Sometimes they send smoothie recipes, and sometimes they send things like this.  Today it included three videos that were meant to boost your day.  And this video or Brene Brown speaking at TED is a wonderful follow-up to my post the other […]

  • Oh I should, should I?

    Bugs Bunny and $5,000 coffee tables Last night I started working a new part-time job.  Without going into company details that could get me into some trouble, the job involves me assisting at auctions and mingling with lots of drunk rich people.  Though my co-workers and most of the people I helped with the auction […]

  • Flourish (v.)

    Tuesdays are strange.  Since September I have had most Tuesdays off, usually not by choice.  The way my schedule has played out among my four or five jobs, Tuesdays have always been left open to the possibility of background work or an audition.  And due to my pretty tight budget, lack of work does tend […]

  • When All You Need is a Cat on Your Lap

    I was reminded of something very important the other day when I saw Viola, our new cuddly kitty, sitting on my lap.  This is one of the most affectionate cats I have ever come across, and trust me, I’ve come across A LOT of cats (my mom has  more than several). I suddenly remembered one […]

  • Auditions…WHY

    I am having a frustrating week.  Luckily, it is turning into a constructive frustration, instead of a kicking, screaming, and eating my weight in cookies frustration (that was last week).  I do, of course, understand why auditions are necessary, and actually had a period of time when I “enjoyed” them.  By this I mean, I […]

  • Making the Best of a Silly Holiday

    I had all intentions of writing a blog post today about my strange  conversations with taxi drivers lately, stories which I promise are more interesting than they sound.  But my mind is on this odd holiday, and more so, all my friends celebrating or protesting it.  Similar to other holidays which focus on spending time […]