Author: ginnybartolone

  • Making the Best of a Silly Holiday

    I had all intentions of writing a blog post today about my strange  conversations with taxi drivers lately, stories which I promise are more interesting than they sound.  But my mind is on this odd holiday, and more so, all my friends celebrating or protesting it.  Similar to other holidays which focus on spending time […]

  • When a Weird Week is a Good Thing

    Since I woke up this morning, almost all I have been able to talk about with Ben is how bizarre the week has been, but in a wonderful way.  He wholeheartedly agreed. Last week at this time, I was on my way into a rut, one of the ruts I’ve found myself in a lot […]

  • Confessions of a Cooking Couch Potato

    Have you ever had one of those weeks where you feel like you’re living in The Twilight Zone?  I am having one of those weeks.  Ever since my schedule opened up (a nice way of saying I left a job), I have been launched back into the world of penny pinching, job hunting, and too […]

  • Wine, Soup, and Vision Boards

    Last night could not have been better timing to cozy up in Christina’s apartment with a stack of magazines and some glue.  I quit a job yesterday.  It was definitely necessary but of course made me feel like crap about the next few weeks and finding an extra job.  Sometimes being broke is better than […]

  • My New Year’s Resolution..Without the pressure.

    I had a fantastic conversation with a good friend of mine over holiday break about New Year’s resolutions.  It’s really easy this time of year, especially while still healing from your Christmas/New Years food coma and a week-long hangover, to make ultimatums for yourself.  “I am going to — every day!” “I am giving up—!” […]

  • Those Amazing Breakthroughs

    It’s been a while since I’ve written here, one reason being that all those jobs I was hoping would work out, worked out!  My schedule has been packed with every opportunity I have been offered recently to catch up financially.  Not only that, but these past few weeks have been filled with a larger amount […]

  • A Camino Rant

    This post may be a bit more serious than my usual ones…but hey!  Good to shake things up a bit. Last night, after another strange day of this relentless flu and way too many episodes of Mad Men, Ben and I went to see the movie The Way.  The film is about the Camino de […]

  • New Mantras for a New Month

    Been a strange couple of weeks, definitely with its ups and downs.  On the up side, I turned 25!  I can officially rent a car with lower insurance and advertise alcohol!  Also, it feels nice to be a good solid number like 25.  I celebrated by having a passionate and drunk conversation with some wonderful […]

  • “I only have two arms.”

    I have a distinct memory when I was little of my mom often saying to my sister and I, “I only have two arms.”  I also remember being incredibly confused as to why she needed to point this out…as clearly she did not have more than that, that would be weird mom, what’s your point?  […]

  • The paint may be peelin’ but at least we don’t have roaches

    I thought of this post name when I was staring at our bathroom wall the other night after a not-so-encouraging week living in the city.  I woke up to the sound of construction one morning which is now going on across the street.  When they drill into the ground, my apartment shakes….as in, things started […]